Kaleidoscope of Death



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Title: Kaleidoscope of Death

Author: Xī Zǐxù

Status: 139 + 8 Extras (Complete)


It started off peculiarly; as a first, his domestic cat refused to let him cuddle it.

Lin Qiushi soon found that a sense of disharmony and incongruity began to pervade everything around him.

Then, one odd day, he pushed open a door, and he discovered that the hallway he was familiar with turned into a boundless corridor.

At both ends of this corridor were twelve identical iron gates.

Thus, the story began.


Ruan Nanzhu said to Lin Qiushi, “When you gaze at the abyss, the abyss also stares back at you.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Qiushi sank into deep contemplation. He then pulled down the zipper of his trousers and aimed at the abyss…

Ruan Nanzhu: “…Put your pants on properly!”


Super shameless, ill, pampered gong X Shameless, calm shou; a combination of double [or extreme] shamelessness.


Tags: BL/Danmei, Spirits/Ghosts, Cross Dressing/Disguises, Supernatural, Horror, Comedy

Link to Indonesian Translations: Kenz Terjemahan

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Crossing the First Threshold

Chapter 2: Iron Doors and Keys

Chapter 3: A Hellish Night

Chapter 4: More Deaths

Chapter 5: The Dried-up Well

Chapter 6: Entering the Temple

Chapter 7: A Woman

Chapter 8: A Nefarious Deity

Chapter 9: The Hearts of Others

Chapter 10: Digging Up People

Chapter 11: The Woman

Chapter 12: The Key to the Door

Chapter 13: Another World (Fitcher’s Bird)

Chapter 14: Back to Reality

Chapter 15: Ruan Nanzhu

Chapter 16: The Team

Chapter 17: Inside Information

Chapter 18: The Second Door

Chapter 19: Introductions

Chapter 20: The First Trial Inside the Door

Chapter 21: Mother and Children

Chapter 22: Eggs Stained with Blood

Chapter 23: Breakdown

Chapter 24: Resurrection

Chapter 25: Mistake

Chapter 26: Back to Reality

Chapter 27: The Real World

Chapter 28: Just the Beginning

Chapter 29: The Third Door

Chapter 30: The Temple

Chapter 31: Sudden Downpour

Chapter 32: An Illusion

Chapter 33: A Diary

Chapter 34: An Extra Person

Chapter 35: Within the Bone Pagoda

Chapter 36: Midnight

Chapter 37: Xu Jin’s Older Sister

Chapter 38: Leaving

Chapter 39: You Eating Vinegar?

Chapter 40: The Fourth Door

Chapter 41:

TL Comments:

Pretty sure you all know what to expect given the title: Kaleidoscope of Death. Additionally, chapter titles are subject to change.


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