Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays, all!!! There’s a ton I want to say, from apologising for my going AWOL to asking whether any of you also happened to finish listening to all of Season 1 for KoD’s radio drama, but that’s not the reason for my announcement today. However, I’m betting some of you already know what’s up… Continue reading

[EIC] Chapter 34: Memories

Merry Christmas, all! (It’s still Christmas Day here, but I’m guessing that day has already passed for some of you OTLLL)… And apologies for the long wait! Been quite a while since I last updated this. No, I did not drop it nor do I have any plans to drop this, but yes, I do admit I neglected it for real life and for another one of my projects.

Now, I do have a couple of things to mention before you guys start this chapter.

  1. Much thanks to Finily for contacting me about this ages ago (and sorry for addressing this months later OTLLL), and for those who have commented about it! Yes, Alan’s name probably should be Ah Lan/A-Lan. I’d initially thought it was an English name/nickname because it’s not often that you see this manner of endearment in the actual narrative, but then I saw Feng Yu Lan refer to our MC as Ah Jian, and well, now, here we are. After being convinced months back, I do believe Ah Lan would be more appropriate than Alan, so I have edited previous chapters and future chapters will reflect this change.
  2. A couple of readers have actually suggested that I release EIC chapters by arcs. However, as some of you may know, some arcs are ridiculously long–one’s practically an entire volume of over 30 chapters–and I personally prefer releasing by chapter(s), but I did want to hear some of you guys’ thoughts on if you’d rather EIC be released by arcs or by chapter(s).

Once again, I truly apologise for the long wait!! But, well, shit happens, life goes on. Luckily, I should be able to update more frequently come the end of January–I hope. If such isn’t the case, I’ll try my best not to neglect EIC for half a year, as I have done. As always, much thanks to all readers, and to those who have also contacted me and commented, even if I sometimes do not see your emails or comments until weeks later orzzz. Although I may not reply back all the time and I do sometimes forget to reply back, I do try to read everything. You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys and how much life your words give me! I know that I have very peculiar tastes in novels, but I’m honestly glad some of you enjoy some of the projects on this site, no matter how strange they are, lol!!! ❤

Anyways, Chapter 34 is now up!!!! As usual, if you spot any errors, don’t hesitate to tell me.

And just a heads up: Volume 1 will be ending in about 15 Chapters, so I might–I may also end up giving up halfway through–be experimenting with the ‘arcs’ idea once the real world arc ends, which is in about two chapters. Meaning, if you don’t see EIC updated in, like, one or two months, that doesn’t mean I’ve dropped it; I’m just testing my skills in translating-then-stocking-up-for-a-mass-release. Also, there is an NSFW chapter in Volume 1, but no worries, I’ll be sure to put up a warning when we get to that chapter…

[KD] Chapter 21: Mother and Children

This update came a day early-ish, so give your love to Sigma for helping me translate the most difficult passages more like I just threw the most difficult passages at her, and begged her to translate them, but no need to sweat the details, right?

Anyway, thanks for all of your patience! Chapter 21, the dreadfully longest chapter of the entire novel, is finally out!

As always, do excuse any errors, or just point them out if you must. Both ways, I’ll be back to edit this chapter sometime soon, as it’s bound to have numerous mistakes–that is what translating past midnight usually results in.

All that aside, I’ll try not to neglect the other projects now that Chapter 21 (<-Another chapter link for those who couldn’t spot the previous one) has finally been released!