Name Change

After much thought and Taida’s blessing, I’ve decided to put forth a name change. From now on, “I am Incomplete Without You” will be “My Five Elements Lack You”, with the former remaining as an alternative title. I’ve also added a translated author’s note to chapter 1 which I forgot before.

I’d like to thank the folks who discussed this with me for their help, and Taida for her kind understanding regarding this. Hopefully this will be the last upheaval before a proper update. I’ve fixed the new links but please let me know if any are still broken.

Both the note and my reasons for the change are listed below as well as in chapter 1.

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[EIC] Chapter 34: Memories

Merry Christmas, all! (It’s still Christmas Day here, but I’m guessing that day has already passed for some of you OTLLL)… And apologies for the long wait! Been quite a while since I last updated this. No, I did not drop it nor do I have any plans to drop this, but yes, I do admit I neglected it for real life and for another one of my projects.

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