[KD] Chapter 28: Just the Beginning

Here’s Chapter 28. I’ll get to editing it later. Next chapter is the start of the Door 3. Let’s just hope I can finish translating all of Door 3 before I get ridiculously busy again…ahfdjkalfhdjask!

On another note, isn’t our lovely Alice seriously amazing at translating?!?! Can’t believe she has already translated 11 chapters of MFE; at this rate, she might just finish with MFE before I complete one of my own projects lol! Do thank her for her hard work, you guys!!! ❤

[SB] Chapter 2

Honestly, the more I chapters I read, the more I can’t help but laugh at the characters’ ridiculousness. Here’s some more lighthearted reading: Chapter 2.

Update #2: Password protection should have been removed. If the project is up on NU or any other site, I will place a password protection on all chapters, again.